Summit Home Services

Summit Home Services

Summit Home Services helps you maximize your time on the mountain by avoiding the busy grocery stores. Enjoy the convenience of having a refrigerator that is stocked with oven ready meals, groceries and/or beer, wine and liquor when you arrive. No need to deal with busy grocery stores and driving conditions. Enjoy your vacation the way you’re meant to!

If you’re ready to put together your order form, click here. You can read through the instructions (although this page says “Breckenridge” they do delivery groceries throughout all of Summit County) and then scroll down to start putting together your grocery list. When your list is complete, click check-out and fill out the necessary information (the address for your vacation rental can be found on our website, or you can input just the unit name along with the city and state).

Summit Home Services also offers Christmas tree delivery including decorating services. Enjoy your holiday in the mountains with all festivities of home. Learn more here.

Summit Home Services does not offer any discounts.

Phone Number

(970) 445-8658