Summit County Mountain Retreats Philosophy & Practice

Summit County Mountain Retreats offers a broad spectrum of management services for owners of real estate in the Keystone area. Our cost structure, marketing strategy, and client services are unique. Everything we do is built from the ground up. We do not simply copy and tweak our competitor’s systems.

When we say that we built our services from the ground up, we are not just using interesting words. It is the truth. It all started back in 2008 when we were wide-eyed and proud new owners of a Keystone condo. An ominous gray cloud was darkening our excitement, though. We could not come to terms with the fees that all the management companies in Keystone charged. A 50/50 revenue split just would not do, nor would any of the other variations out there. None of the property management services were able to give us a reasonable expectation that we would at least break even on our Keystone investment. We were not interested in owning a status symbol that costs large sums of money to maintain every year. We were interested in having a mountain home and dare we say it, also having an income stream instead of an out-go stream. Simply put–we wanted our cake and we wanted to eat it too.

Since there was not a company in Keystone that solved this problem, we did what came naturally. We combined a little Southern ingenuity, added a dash of business and real estate background, and a skepticism for the status quo. With a bit of unrealistic belief that success was inevitable, and over numerous years in the refiner’s fire, we now have a well established and solidly grounded business that truly is balanced in all key areas.

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Our company philosophy is simple: Focus on the needs of others and we will be successful. We’re successful when we meet the needs of our clients, and our client’s goals can only be achieved by providing an outstanding experience to our guests. We anticipate the needs of our clients and guests and constantly look for opportunities to improve. We believe in innovating and focusing on systems and processes that produce real and tangible results.

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Our History

It all started back in 2008 when we were wide-eyed and proud new owners of a condo in Keystone. An ominous gray cloud was dampening our spirits, though. We just couldn’t come to terms with the fees that rental management companies were charging. We weren’t interested in owning a status symbol; we wanted a mountain home and a chance at an income stream.

Since there wasn’t a management company in Keystone that could provide that, we did what came naturally to us. We started our own. Summit County Mountain Retreats was born with the idea that the status quo isn’t always what’s best and that an efficient operation can lead to success for everyone.

Today we proudly offer homeowners an opportunity to maintain, manage and market their mountain home for significantly less than our competitors and in a refreshingly transparent manner. We offer guests a range of properties, from studios to multi-million dollar ski-in/ski-out penthouses. In order to maintain high standards, each property is professionally maintained by a 100% employee-based staff.

From the very beginning, we recognized that we did not have all the answers, but we were confident that we were headed in the right direction. Even during the depths of “The Great Recession” we managed to find success. We believe that humility is a key to success. We are still learning, still striving to improve, still innovating and still grateful to all those who have helped us along the way. Maintaining a humble perspective is a source of strength, not weakness. Humility allows us to recognize that there is always room for improvement and to reach for it.

Our focus is you, and because of that, we have developed efficient and innovative business practices. Without homeowners and guests, we wouldn’t be here. And to show our appreciation we strive to meet your needs every day.

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For Clients

  • no-hassle agreement
  • flexibility for clients to maintain control
  • streamlined & technologically leveraged business practices
  • exclusive risk-free rental transactions
  • exclusive double-sided keycards
  • straightforward fee structure
  • fixed costs for maintenance & marketing services
  • properties are individually marketed (no unit pooling)
  • customized marketing on leading vacation rental websites
  • comprehensive maintenance program
  • full-service/in-house laundry & housekeeping
  • efficient monthly direct deposits
  • easy to read owner’s statement
  • online real-time owners portal with the ability to view, make & monitor reservations
  • services customizable to owner’s special requests
  • high-end security with magnetic keycards that activate & expire for each guest
Keystone Lodge

For Guests

  • 24-hour, no-hassle check-in & check-out
  • exclusive double-sided keycards
  • small fees for early check-in/late check-out
  • 24/7 online reservations
  • access to live staff 7 days a week via phone or email
  • ensured access to free keystone shuttle
  • discounts guest can use: equipment rental, grocery delivery, airport shuttle & more
  • guests can rent a specific property (no unit pooling)
  • regular maintenance services 7 days a week + 24/7 emergency maintenance
  • every property is stocked with a generous supply of linens
  • ultra-premium linen program available
  • ivory white bedding program available
  • over 95% of properties have private laundry or shared laundry facilities
  • initial supply of high-grade necessities (shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, toilet paper & more)
  • wireless internet available in all properties
  • air mattresses, pack ‘n plays & high chairs available for rent

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