Ice Skating


Take part in one of the most iconic winter activities–ice skating! Dercum Square in River Run Village has an ice rink set up during the winter, and skate rental is on site. This rink is conveniently located within walking distance for most or if you’re staying outside of River Run Village you can take the free Keystone Shuttle. There’s a playground just a few feet away for any kids that still have extra energy after sliding around the ice and the outdoor gas fire pit is the cherry on top of this frozen treat. Our vacation rentals in Buffalo Lodge, Dakota Lodge, and Expedition Station are located right next to the Dercum Square Ice Rink.

Lakeside Village features the largest, Zamboni-maintained, outdoor frozen lake in North America. During the winter Keystone Lake freezes over into a stunning frozen lake providing people of all ages five acres of skating area. Skate rental is on-site at Adventure Point Lodge, and there are shops and restaurants on the ground floor of the buildings next to the lake.