SCMR Guarantee

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The SCMR Guarantee


During a client’s first year enrolled in Summit County Mountain Retreats’ Platinum management program, SCMR guarantees to generate 15% or more net rental income (nightly rental income minus management fees) than their previous property management company achieved during the prior year. SCMR will augment any shortfalls in net revenue at the end of the first year of service, up to half of our management fee or $10,000, whichever is less.


The following terms must be met for a new client to qualify:

  1. Client agrees to provide an official report from the previous property manager detailing the net rental income generated during the prior year (short-term rentals only).
  2. Client agrees to make the same nights available to rent as they did during the previous year.
  3. Client agrees that SCMR will solely control rental rates for the property.
  4. Client agrees to be enrolled in SCMR’s “Best” marketing plan. 

Once all four stipulations have been met, SCMR staff will confirm in writing the client’s qualification for the “SCMR Guarantee.”

This is a view-only form. If you would like to sign up for The SCMR Guarantee, please contact us for the online form.