Introducing an Uncompromising Standard of Cleanliness


We’re excited to announce our latest endeavor, the Ivory White Bedding program! This program not only adds a sophisticated look to a property, it also features an uncompromising level of cleanliness.

But before we discuss our high quality upgrades, here’s a brief overview of our standard linen program: Our standard linens are light, breathable microfiber and are comparable to the linens that our major competitors use, however, SCMR rotates old bed linens and towels out of service on a 3-year cycle, whereas our competitors use a 5 to 6-year cycle.

Then, in 2014, a long-time client suggested that we consider a premium line of linens. Since then we rolled out our Ultra-Premium Linen program. These linens rival those of The Four Seasons, featuring extra soft, oversized towels and high quality bed linens with a subtle satin stripe pattern for a touch of elegance.

With the success of Ultra-Premium Linen program, we began researching the feasibility of an all-white option for bedding. Many high-end hotel chains have switched to this type of service, and it not only adds a touch of luxury, but also gives guests peace of mind because the duvet cover is freshly laundered for each new reservation.

For several months we spent time visiting hotels and figuring out how a property management company could take on a similar program with properties spread out across a resort. We also examined various duvets and duvet covers to determine the best option for SCMR standards.

In the winter of 2015, the bed linens were chosen and the Ivory White Bedding Program was born.

The Ivory White Bedding program showcases a soft, white-striped duvet cover with a medium thick, high quality down alternative duvet. The duvet cover will be removed after each guest stay and replaced with a freshly laundered duvet cover. The entire bed will be made with fresh white linens for each new arrival. This is an uncompromising and industry leading standard of cleanliness.

Properties Featuring Ivory White Bedding

As of June 2016, we have several properties that have enrolled in our Ivory White Bedding program. For your convenience, those properties are listed below, but we hope to add more properties as time goes on so contact us directly for the most up to date list.

  • 67 Peaks View Court, #222
  • Arapahoe Lodge #8101
  • Arapahoe Lodge #8102
  • Arapahoe Lodge #8134
  • Buffalo Lodge #8333
  • Expedition Station #8633
  • Gateway Lodge #5015
  • Lakeside #1493
  • Red Hawk Lodge #2201
  • Silver Mill #8266
  • Springs #8830
  • Ski Tip Lodge #8708

Published on Monday, June 27, 2016