Our Maintenance Program

Our motto is what drives every practice at Summit County Mountain Retreats. From taking reservations to housekeeping, marketing and bookkeeping, we put quality first. Then we meet the needs of our clients, then the needs of our guests and, ultimately, this results in the success of all involved.

One of the ways we ensure success is through our Maintenance program.

When you hear “maintenance program” you may only think of overnight guest calls or of your previous management companies that hit you with a $50 charge for changing a light bulb. But a quality maintenance program actually does much more than attend to guest calls, and it certainly doesn’t nickel and dime its clients. It provides an all-encompassing framework that keeps your home-away-from-home properly maintained all year-round for a reasonable price.

This is is the quality of service we offer at Summit County Mountain Retreats.

The heart of our maintenance program starts with a dedicated team of individuals. This team includes maintenance personnel, a quality controller and the management team. All roles work together to resolve maintenance issues before, during and after they arise.


These are the guys and gals on the front lines for all maintenance concerns. They’re the ones who do the actual work of repairing and maintaining each and every home on our management program. This includes repairing door locks, troubleshooting heating malfunctions and installing new appliances. They also perform special projects including interior painting, flooring replacement and bringing in new furniture. In short, this team is intimately involved in all aspects of making sure your home is well maintained.


Our inspector, or quality controller, is a vital component of our maintenance program, particularly in preventative maintenance. This person is out in the field every day inspecting homes prior to guest and client arrivals. Not only does the quality controller ensure our housekeeping standards are being maintained, they also go through homes and determine if any preventative maintenance measures are needed and input service orders to ensure they’re completed.


The management team offers a bird’s eye view of maintenance needs. Not only do they hear directly from homeowners about upcoming plans for renovations, they also hear from our guests via calls, emails and reviews. They glean the necessary information from each one of these outlets and use it determine what needs to be done for each home. Management also takes care of scheduling so that every maintenance need can be efficiently addressed in a timely manner.

Published on Monday, March 20, 2017