How to Get the Best Value During Winter

We all know the mountains are a prime winter destination. Skiing, snowboarding, tubing, ice skating–there’s just so much to do and it’s all so much fun. This also means that winter is when vacation rental nightly rates are at their highest. But if you read on, we have some inside information on how you can score the best value when booking winter stays. (Want tips on value for booking year-round? Check out our market-driven pricing infographic.)


Across the board, weekdays are always priced lower than weekends. At Summit County Mountain Retreats, if your stay includes Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, you’re going to save some dough. The only exception is when a holiday falls on a weekday. A good example, is that in 2019, Christmas falls on a Wednesday. So, if you have the flexibility to travel during during the week instead of the weekend, we highly recommend it.


Speaking of Christmas, you probably know it’s one of the most in-demand timeframes. Christmas, MLK Weekend, President’s Day Weekend and Spring Break are the most popular times for booking mountain vacations. If you’re looking for value, it’s a good idea to try and book outside of those timeframes. And specifically, booking a stay after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend through the first week of December is a surefire way to get some great value. Where the Christmas holiday sees occupancy rates near 100%, the first week of December is closer to 50%. And what happens when demand is low? Nightly rates drop. Or at least they do at Summit County Mountain Retreats (we can’t speak for the competition).


Our last recommendation for how to get the best value on a winter getaway to the mountains is for those willing to take a risk. If you don’t need to plan in advance, booking a last minute stay can be a great way to score a really good deal. As time passes, there are often days in between other bookings that are left open. It’s common for these days to be less desirable in some ways (maybe it’s a weekday or it’s before or after a popular holiday), and to encourage bookings the nightly rates are often dropped. For those that are flexible it’s a great way to save money. And if you want to book a same-day reservation? Just call or email! Online platforms don’t allow same-day bookings due to difficulties it may cause with getting housekeeping assigned, but if you contact us directly we can reroute housekeeping when your reservation is confirmed.

So there you have it! Surefire ways to save on a winter vacation in the mountains. Score even more value if you qualify for our Guest Loyalty Program. There are tiered discounts for guests that stay with us more than once from November 1st through October 31st. Stack that discount on top of a first week in December stay and you may end up bragging to your friends and family about your great deal!

Published on Monday, August 26, 2019