Breathe Easy With Summit County Mountain Retreats’ Ivory White Bedding Program

If you are planning a trip to Summit County Colorado, when you are searching for Colorado vacation rentals, you’ll want to make sure you’re selecting a place that will be comfortable and relaxing and will guarantee you a luxurious stay. At Summit County Mountain Retreats, one of the ways that we do this is with our Ivory White Bedding Program. This program is just one way that we ensure each and every guest is treated like royalty and provided with the most relaxing getaway possible. Here’s everything you need to know about our incredible Ivory White Bedding Program!


The Ivory White Bedding Program is a special measure we take to ensure that every guest has a comfortable and luxurious place to rest their heads at night.

Most of our competitors equip their beds with low- or medium-quality linens that are only rotated every 5-6 years. At SCMR, even our standard linens are much higher in quality than what the competitors use, and we rotate our linens at least every 3 years. 

Our Ivory White bedding is meant to mimic what is found in many high-end resorts and hotels. Guests will be provided with a soft, white-striped duvet cover, as well as a medium-thick down alternative duvet. Duvet covers are laundered after each stay and the entire unit’s bedrooms are remade with fresh linen for each new guest who arrives. Fresh clean bedding really puts the icing on the cake for our Summit County lake view rentals


We began offering an Ultra-Premium Linen Program in 2014 after a long-time client in our rentals in Colorado suggested that we consider a premium line of linens. Many clients chose to sign up for the program, and we even received additional requests to expand the service. We noticed that, in many high-end hotels, an all-white bedding treatment increases cleanliness and sanitation since they are consistently laundered. 

We then took several months visiting hotels and discussing the matter with industry professionals before creating the Ivory White Bedding Program as we know it today. It was, and is, very important to us to maintain high quality standards, which is why we completely replace each bed with a clean duvet and cover before each stay.


Our Colorado ski rentals that utilize the Ivory White Bedding Program are provided with a soft duvet cover with white stripes and a medium-thick, high quality down alternative duvet, as well as king-sized pillows, dust ruffles, and fresh linens. Every one of these items is washed between each rental, and all items are evaluated regularly to ensure their quality. If anything needs to be replaced, it is taken care of at no additional cost to the property owner. It should be noted that sleeper sofas don’t receive the Ivory White Bedding.


If you are a property owner who is interested in signing up for the Ivory White Bedding Program, you will incur an additional 2.25% fee on top of your base management fee. Every extra bed above the included quantity (one bedding system per room and up to one Murphy bed per property) incurs a 0.5% increase. Gold and Silver Program clients may face separate costs, which are outlined in your program.

Existing clients with SCMR can complete a simple form to sign up for the program. New clients with SCMR can simply select the Ivory White Bedding Program option when completing our on-boarding forms.

Our Ivory White Bedding Program is just one of the ways that we make sure we’re offering the most luxurious vacation rentals in Colorado. Contact us today to learn more. Whether its eating like a local, or going white water rafting, we can help you plan your trip!

Published on Thursday, January 14, 2021