Mountain Bike This Summer On Your Summit County Vacation

Planning a trip to Colorado this summer? Then you’re probably wondering about the best outdoor activities in Summit County for the hotter months.

While there are all kinds of fun things to see and do from your Keystone lodging, one activity we highly recommend you try out is mountain biking!

It’s a great way to see local nature and stay active at the same time. Never been mountain biking before? Don’t sweat it! Here is your ultimate guide to biking in Summit County, even for beginners.


You don’t want to have to lug your bike with you from home or worry about purchasing one along the way. Luckily, there are plenty of places for you to rent a bike here in Summit County! Local companies such as. Mountain View Sports, Pioneer Sports Colorado and Rebel Ski and Bike are happy to set you up with a mountain bike and all the equipment you’ll need to be safe and comfortable on the trails. Plus, if you’re bringing kids along with you, these companies can get your little ones set up, too!


First things first: you’ll want to be comfortable. That means wearing durable and sturdy shoes as well as light, breathable clothing. You might also consider investing in a pair of gloves to reduce the impact on your hands and wrists. You’ll also want to adjust your bike to perfectly suit your body so that you have a comfortable ride. Your rental company should be able to help you get things adjusted before you set out.

So, what should you expect when you first go mountain biking? This sport is more physically taxing than you might think, so if you need to take things slow or take frequent breaks as you get started, do so! You’ll want to stick to the trails (more on that in a minute) and be careful when navigating hills and obstacles. Of course, you’ll see tons of incredible plant and animal life, but be sure not to disturb the natural habitats. At the end of the day’s adventure, you will want to relax in one of our Colorado vacation home rentals!

In addition to your clothing, what should you pack when you’re mountain biking? The importance of water cannot be overstated. Many cyclists choose to use hydration backpacks as an easy way to drink enough water. Sunglasses can also be incredibly valuable for protecting your eyes. You also might want to consider bringing a first aid kit as well as a patch kit in case you or your bike sustain any damage.


Since mountain biking is one of the best family-friendly activities in Summit County, you can rest assured that this area is full of great trails for beginners. It is also close to our condo rentals in Summit County Colorado, which makes lodging that much easier!

In Dillon, check out the Oro Grande Trail. This trail offers incredible views of the Dillon Reservoir and the surrounding mountains, and it’s quite short at just 3.6 miles. You’ll also find that most of the trail is easy to roll through, although there are some areas that are a bit rocky.

If you find yourself in Frisco, the Frisco Peninsula Trail System is a great option. This trail system is a bit longer at 6.1 miles, but it’s a popular place for a bike ride in the middle of the day. Throughout your ride, you’ll get a glorious view of the Dillon Reservoir as you head around the Frisco Peninsula perimeter.

Finally, many beginners enjoy Boreas Pass Road in Breckenridge. As you cycle through this area, you’ll encounter beautiful nature and wildlife along with fascinating historical sites. There are several trailheads where you can park, so you can make this ride as long or short as you’d like. If you are looking for trails that may be a little more challenging, the biking trails in Breckenridge might be just for you!

Published on Wednesday, October 20, 2021