The SCMR 5-star Quality Standards are a set of requirements that SCMR has found over nearly 15 years of experience that guests highly value and are willing to pay a 10% to 20% premium for. SCMR recognizes that owners who invest in upgrading their properties and keeping them at the highest quality standards are good for both owners, SCMR and their guests. As such, SCMR wants to encourage all owners to make these investments and offers additional incentives to owners who meet these standards.

SCMR offers a 1% management fee discount to any client who selects our current Platinum Program or better and who meets at least 29 of the following criteria. Or a 3% management fee discount for properties that meet at least 32 of the criteria. Properties will be evaluated at least once per year. If a property is found to be below standards, the property will automatically no longer qualify until the next time it is reviewed.