SCMR Standard Linens vs. Competitors

All SCMR clients are included in our standard linen program at no additional charge. Our standard linens are comparable to the linens that our major competitors use. However, SCMR rotates old sheets and towels out of service on a 3-year cycle, whereas our competitors use a 5 to 6-year cycle. 

Why Offer Ultra-Premium Linens? 

In 2014 a long-time client suggested that we consider a premium line of linens. For several months we examined various options ranging from larger towels, to thicker towels, to egyptian cotton with various blends and weaves. In the fall of 2014, we decided in order to maintain our principles of flexibility and no compromises for our guests and clients, we would introduce as an option our Ultra-Premium Linen program that dramatically surpasses all linen standards in the ski industry. We modeled our new Ultra-Premium linens after the Four Seasons Hotels & Ritz Carlton. 

Ultra-Premium Towels

Towels are 40% larger and 2x thicker than our standard towels. Our ultra-premium towels are 100% cotton and use a very dense, yet fluffy weave to create a soft and substantial feel that is only found in the finest resorts and hotels. This towel line is the highest quality of all the towels we evaluated. Our Ultra-Premium towels include bath towels, hand towels, washcloths and bath mats.

Ultra-Premium Bed Sheets

Our bed sheets are brilliant white with a very high thread count. There is an alternating 1-inch satin stripe that crosses the sheet. This provides a timeless and elegant look and feel. The bottom sheet is fitted and the top sheet is flat with matching king sized pillow cases. A matching white bed skirt is also included when appropriate.

Personal Robes

All clients who participate in our new Ultra-premium Linen program will be pampered with two spa quality robes for their personal use. SCMR will maintain, replace and launder these robes on an ongoing basis at no additional charge.

How To Sign Up & Cost

The Ultra-Premium Linen Program is 2%

The fee of 2% is applied to the base management fee. The Ultra-Premium Linen program is an optional program available to all clients. If you are an existing client, please complete this form. If you are a new client please select the Ultra-Premium Linen Program option when you are completing your on-boarding forms. (If you are a rent-by-owner client (Gold or Silver) refer to your management agreement for costs.)

We also offer an Ivory White Bedding program that includes high quality duvets and duvet covers. To read more about this program, click here.