SCMR Standard Linens vs. Competitors

All SCMR clients are included in our standard linen program at no additional charge. Our standard linens are superior to the linens that our major competitors use. SCMR rotates old sheets and towels out of service on a 3-year cycle, whereas our competitors use a 5 to 6-year cycle. 

Why Offer the Ivory White Bedding Program?

In 2014 a long-time client suggested that we consider a premium line of linens. As a result of this suggestion, we created the Ultra-Premium Linen Program. Many clients signed up for this program. We received additional requests to do even more. It was noted that high-end hotels offer an all-white bedding treatment which significantly increases cleanliness and sanitation because all materials are laundered between each rental. We agreed that this trend was a good one and began investigating how we could implement a similar system that is used by high-end hotels. 

For several months we spent time visiting hotels and discussing with professionals in our industry the pros and cons of various methods. It really came down to a decision to take a half-measure or really go for the best practice method. We chose the latter. This means that we control everything a guest touches when it comes to the bed. We do not reuse old bedspreads and wrap them up in clean sheets. We completely replace the old bedspread with a new duvet and duvet cover. The covers are washed in between each guest stay and the duvets are replaced on an as needed basis at our cost.. 

What’s Included

The Ivory White Bedding program consists of a soft, white-striped duvet cover with a medium thick, high quality down alternative duvet. Fresh linens, dust ruffles and king sized pillows are also included. These items are washed between each rental.  All items are constantly evaluated for quality and replaced as needed at no extra cost to you. (Note: Sleeper sofas do not receive the Ivory White Bedding)

How To Sign Up & Cost

The Ivory White Bedding Program is 2.25%

The fee of 2.25% is added to the base management fee. Each extra bed beyond the included quantity* will incur an additional .5% increase. The Ivory White Bedding Program is an optional program available to all clients. If you are an existing client, please complete this form. If you are a new client please select the Ivory White Bedding Program option when completing your on-boarding forms. (If you are a Gold Program or Silver Program client, please refer to your program for costs.

We also offer an Ultra-Premium Linen program that includes high quality towels and bed linens. To read more about this program, click here

*included quantity assumes one bedding system (e.g., a bunk bed equals one bedding system)  per bedroom and up to one Murphy bed per property (sleeper sofas and trundles are not eligible for the Ivory Bedding program. Thus, a standard 2 bedroom property would qualify for 3 bedding systems without incurring an additional charge)